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17th December 2007

11:05pm:  Break is off to a rip roaring start.....lets see.

My finals ended. Both were extremely hard. I got a C in art history, which I'm kind of happy with oddly enough. Usually I set a bit higher standards for myself, but this quarter was seriously hard, regardless of the fact that I only took two classes. I'm still on pins and needles waiting for my stats grade. On friday, I was at work and began feeling really crappy. My night culminated in an intimate connection with the Rite Aid toilet and dirty bathroom floor. Gross. I ended up coming home early, only to find my mom throwing up too. We both got it from my brother. I had to call in to work for the next couple days and my stupid supervisor was all pissy about it....but it's like, dude, I'm all contagious and barfy and shit, do you really want me around? That kind of pissed me off. But considering I was scheduled 39 hours this week, when I only asked to work around 25 a week during break, it was my own kind of revenge, even though I had a good reason. 

Other than that, I've spent the last couple days finishing christmas shopping with my mom. I can't believe christmas is in a week. That was freaking fast. But I hope its going well for everybody! I seriously love this time of year. And I need to soak it all in before it becomes stupid january. : (  

9th December 2007

10:27pm: sorry about the bad picture quality.
 1) Take your answer to each question and type it into an image search engine
2) Post one of the images from the first page of results.

1. The age you'll be on your next birthday.

2. A place you'd love to travel

3. Your favorite place

4. Your favorite object

5. your favorite food

6. your favorite animal

7. your favorite color

8. The town in which you were born

9. the town you live in now

11. The name of a past pet

12. The name of a past love

13. Your best friend's nickname
Drawing a blank!!

14. your nickname
I dont really have a nickname : (

15. your first name

16. your middle name

17. your last name

18. your grandmother's name

19. A bad habit of yours

20. Your major in college

OMG the last few days have been crazy. Between trying to master (or at least semi-understand) statistics, memorizing ghastly amounts of dry information for art history, working 26 hours in 3 days, and realizing how much december is costing me between Christmas and buying books for winter quarter, I'm about to freak the fuck out. 


3rd December 2007

9:34pm:  I've been a crappy lj-er lately. I haven't updated in epochs, but the reason for that being that I tend to write entries in my head during the day, and once I get home I'm too lazy to physically write them down. But here's a bitty update on the past couple weeks.

~Thanksgiving was good. My Grammy's mashed potatos are out of this world and I love the tortelinni I get in lieu of turkey, but the real fireworks about the holiday is that it's the official beginning of Christmas. Now that I'm a  retail employee I quite expected to have to work on Black Friday, but alas I got a bitty amount of shopping done. 
~I started my Christmas shopping back in August during my trips to Hawaii and California and have been slowly collecting stuff ever since to relax the financial burden. Now I'm mostly done, with the exception of making my mom a scarf and buying maybe one more thing for my dad and brother. I always get my family a lot of presents...it's a weakness of mine.
~Speaking of presents, I've been going a bit giving tree crazy too. I think I've done 10 giving tree gifts for the Everett Mall giving tree so far, which are mostly for poor old people. But thats cool. Seniors need happy Christmases too.
~There's only a week left of school. I'm spending most of my time desperately trying to learn how to do statistics before the final tuesday. I hate math of any kind. Especially of the word problem variety, which is pretty much all stats is. And I royally suck at it.
~I lost my Ipod I think on thanksgiving. I miss having it especially for bus rides and walking around campus, which is pretty much the only time I ever used it. I mostly miss the headphones because now I can't listen to 710 kiro on my cd player either. I want it back, damnit.
~I've been working a lot lately. Which is nice, money wise. But I really would prefer to have a few more weekday hours, because right now I work 2:45-10:15 on friday, 2:45-10:15 on saturday, and 7:00am-3:30 on sunday, which basically means I work 23 hours in a 48 hour timeframe. And basically that means my whole weekend is gone. And that sucks. I like my weekends. Damnit, I miss summer. No job. No school. Those were the good days.

I must say, I am very much looking forward to break. Very, very much.
Current Mood: anxious

25th November 2007

6:49pm:  I'm finally starting my final paper....the one thats due tuesday. So far all I have done is I've opened up microsoft word, and now a curser is blinking me to death.

Writing papers really bites. I dont mind writing...but academic writing really...well...bites.

Not to mention I have a stats quiz and homework due tuesday also.


On the homefront, we put out our christmas lights today. That was mostly fun. Cold, but fun. We did the same thing as last year, but it looks splendid, if I do say so myself.

Enough doddling....back to staring at a blank word document....

5th November 2007

10:36pm: Wow that's lame.
Haven' t done one of these in a while.....



1. What’s your porn star name? (your first pets name, and your mothers maiden name)  Otter Roberts/Minnie Mouse Roberts/Lucy Roberts/Alfie Roberts.....all so sexy!
2. What’s your soap star name? (your middle name, and your street name) Marie 44th Dr.
3. What’s your current screenname. Tell me the story of how it was chosen: Tofurkey38....because tofu is love.
4. In what year were you born? 1987
5. Were you a planned pregnancy? I don't know....but I don't really want to know.
6. How did you celebrate your last birthday? Spaghetti factory....holla
7. How are you going to celebrate your next birthday? Getting hammered! Not. Mom will probably take me to the casino or something hehe.
8. Who will you spend it with? Family...friends....air.
9. What kind of town/city/village do you live in? The everett kind.
10. Is it a famous place that attracts plenty of tourism? Boeing I guess? If that doesn't reel 'em in....Kimberly Clark just might.
11. Any famous landmarks and etc? Only the biggest building in the world!
12. Are your parents married or divorced? Married
13. Who do you share your house with? My family.
14. Are you considered tall or rather short? tall ish
15. How many email addresses do you have? 2

Food and Cookery

(what happened to 16?)
17. What is your favourite food? I dunno....pizza maybe.
18. What do you eat when you’re bored? bananas or pudding. Or banana pudding ; )
19. Favourite junk food? white cheddar popcorn
20. Happy food? grammy's mashed potatos
21. Favourite restaurant? spag factory!
22. Favourite take away? this must be british.
23. Favourite sandwich fillings? lettuce...tomato....or as angeline would call it, "fluff" 
24. How well can you cook? basically like emeril
25. If you were to appear on the show ‘can’t cook, won’t cook’ which cook would you be (can’t or won’t): won't
26. What do you cook most often? canned soup, pb&j
27. Any specialties? see above
28. Do you cook for family or friends, boyfriends/girlfriends? not really...nobody else wants my faux meat
29. Favourite fruits? bananas or blueberries!!!! or pears. but only squishy pears.
30. Favourite veggies? lettuce, tomato, olive (I don't know what category olives belong to)
31. Do you eat meat or are you a vegetarian? vegetarian <3 animals <3
32. What foods make you want to vomit/can’t you stand? um meat! esp. veal. Mean people eat veal.
33. Favourite juices? odwalla. yum. expensive yum.
34. Favourite fizzy stuff? alka seltzer
35. Favourite alcohol? n/a
36. Do you prefer tea or coffee, or don’t you drink them altogether? i like lattes...but not straight coffee and tea is super yuck.
37. Are you a fussy eater? sorta
38. Ketchup, barbeque sauce or mustard: mustard
39. Are you a fan of microwave dinners? occasionally
40. What do you eat for Christmas dinners? We dont really have a fancy christmas dinner....we make a nice breakfast.
41. Do you have cake on your birthdays (what kind)? Not usually
42. Favourite chocolates? um...the brown kind.
43. Favourite ice cream flavors? strawberry
44. Do you like seafood? no!! even when I ate meat I didn't like...its slimy and it stinks.
45. Diet coke or regular: coke zero

Holidays/vacation and traveling
46. What holiday is most memorable to you and why? Nothing specific...just christmases in general are good times.
47. Worst holiday? single awareness day
48. Favourite holiday? christmas!
49. Ever traveled out of the country - where? canada & australia
50. Favourite cities to visit? vegas baby!
51. Go on day trips often – where? not often.
52. Been with family and friends? .....yeah?
53. Furthest you’ve traveled alone? hawaii : )
54. Do you want to travel the world? duh! traveling = my lfie
55. Where do you want to go? England most of all. Then Italy, then the netherlands, then central africa
56. Where would you love to go on your honeymoon? See above!
57. Can you drive? definitely

YOU - Social, hobbies, adventures

58. Favourite places to go: Vegas, disneyland!
59. Do you like museums and art galleries?  Sorta....but I'll admit I get kinda bored easy. I like wax museums though....like in Victoria...the chamber of horrors = awesome
60. Do you eat out regularly? no
61. Where did you last eat out and who with? ummmm my mom I think at azteca
62. When you’re bored, do you prefer to listen to music, play on computers, or watch TV? computer
63. Can you play an instrument? piano, and sax but not really anymore. I tried playing a few months ago and I sounded like a preschooler. I should try it again.
64. If not, were there many opportunities in school to play instruments?
65. Are you a bookworm? no
66. Are you outgoing? so-so
67. Do you drink a lot of alcohol? nope
68. Do you like dancing? not really
69. Whats your guilty pleasure? 7th Heaven....god help me, but I love it. All the ridiculous melodrama!
70. What do you do on the internet – research, chat, etc? AIM, facebook
71. Which friends do you love spending time with? all!
72. What do you do together? friend stuff.
73. Do you like to take photos? yeah
74. How would you describe yourself as a person? Unbelievably wonderful in every way ; )
75. Can you be stereotyped? I guess
76. Do you hang around with groups of people who dress the same as you? eh, not really
77. What kind of people wouldn’t you waste your time getting to know? mean people
78. Do you often have deep, intense, intellectual conversations? not really often.
79. Have you inherited your intelligence from your parents? yeah
80. Do you know what your IQ is? 133 last time I checked. I took 3 different ones and got the same score every time so I guess its accurate.
81. Are you academically smart or just smart? I dunno....Im a little academically lazy.
82. How often do you meet pig ignorance? wtf
83. How do you dress? sweatshirts basically every day hehe
84. What kind of shoes do you wear? tennis shoes
85. What kind of jewellery do you wear?earrings and my watch
86. What kind of hair do you have? dark blonde?
87. What’s your eye colour? blue/green
88. Are there people out there you are keen to avoid? this was already asked kinda

Love and relationships – if you’re single, skip this section

89. Are you bi, straight or gay?
90. Do you have a significant other?
91. What is their name?
92. How old are they?
93. What attracted you to them first?
94. Are you in love with them?
95. Where do they live?
96. What do they do for a living?
97. Their personality features:
98. Do they make you go weak at the knees – why?
99. What do they look like? (Include a picture):
100. Have you ever had sex?
101. Have you ever had oral sex?
102. If yes to the two above, when was the last time?
103. Your most recent kiss?
104. Are you two romantic?
105. Do you hold hands in public?
106. Are you affectionate in public as well as private?
107. What turns you on about them?
108. Most memorable moment with them?
109. Most romantic moment with them?


110. What is your long term plan (job etc)? No idea...and if anybody else asks me this they will meet their doom.
111. Do you intend on marrying? eventually
112. If so – to who? leonardo dicaprio, ste mcnally or shane filan....I'm not picky
113. When would you prefer to marry? late 20s, early 30's or even mid 30's
114. Do you want children? not really
115. How many?
116. What will you name them? If for some reason a child just popped out of nowhere one day, I'd definitely name a boy Jack....that's like my favorite name in the world. I don't know what I'd name a girl.
117. What kind of house would you want to live in? A wallingford bungalo.
118. What pets do you want? Cats!


119. What were you afraid of then you were little? the crab and lobster that lived under my bed. I dont know how i came up with that.
120. Did you believe in fairies, goblins, ghosts and monsters? nope. Just crabs and lobsters.
121. Do you wear nail polish? always
122. What calendar do you have this year? One is Hubble space pics, one is Far side, and one is Husky puppies. Awww.
123. Do you have a downstairs bathroom? yeah
124. Worst names you can possibly think of? Schlossberg...... : )
125. Strawberry or raspberry jam? I like blackberry actually
126. Explain your house arrangement: theres an upstairs and a downstairs.
127. Ever ridden a horse? Once....a pony on the beach at ocean shores. Does that count?
128. Do you have any pets? a cat, 2 rats, 1 beta fish
129. Do you get along well with them? absolutely
130. Who can you trust? family and friends
131. Who can’t you trust? boogymen
132. Favourite swearwords? damnit, fuck
133. What are you wearing now? pjs

2nd November 2007


Something just started irking me today......when I was at work, this lady came in right before closing. She bought 2 pairs of really crappy earrings and paid for it with foodstamps. I don't really think you should be able to buy crap like that with foodstamps.........which are intrensically meant for food. I'm so glad our taxes are going to people like this so they can buy tacky accessories...vital to everyday living indeed. If you want to buy that, get a fucking job.

And other people who use them for food don't buy actual normal food...but buy chips and cookies and crap. Which is retarded. I don't want my taxdollars being used just so people can get fat and then get sick and need all kinds of medical attention which will then drive up my insurance rates.

I guess this point of view is rather un-democratic of me, since it's my understanding that it is a conservative point of view to limit welfare. But at rare times I do go republican. Maybe even liberitarian. It's not that I'm against welfare...but I'm only for it being for people who actually need it, make good use of it, and don't take advantage of it.

Anyways. I'm trying to figure out a schedule for next quarter, which is incredibly difficult considering the anthropology selections are abismal as usual. I really wish they'd offer a few more classes about Africa or Europe or the Middle East. But alas, I'll probably just end up settling with something I'm only half interested in. 

Okay, I have a statistics midterm in eight hours. I must sleep. 

31st October 2007

11:24pm: Holiday chit chat.
Another Halloween drew to a close tonight. And with it came a huge epiphany for me.

For a long time I've had a huge mental battle going with myself on which holiday is my 2nd favorite. Christmas is hands down my favorite holiday. But as for the coveted #2 position, both Halloween and the 4th of July have been dueling for years.

Halloween is great. But now that I'm past my trick or treating years for the most part (though I'd totally still do it if I was really short and could pass for a 4th grader if I wore a mask), I'm kind of univolved. I love the preseason, pumpkin patches, decorating, carving pumpkins and all. But as for the night itself, there's not a whole lot going on. We've gotten fewer trick or treaters the past few years. Tonight we watched some "scary" movies, made chili and cider and stuff, which was fun. 

But then I compare it to the 4th....which I do think has a slight edge on Halloween for me. I love fireworks, big barbeques, and July. I'm such a summer baby that any holiday that falls between june and august is tops in my book. I still do like Halloween though....gah I dunno maybe theyre too different to compare fairly.

Then I think about my 4th favorite holiday....which I guess would be thanksgiving, for no reason other than its the official start of the christmas season and my grammy's mashed potatoes are like heaven on earth.

I'm so blown away that in 30 minutes it will be november....wasn't august like 3 days ago?? These couple months have gone way fast.

Anyways, I put way too much thought into stuff like this and not enough into the fact that I have a midterm in 2 days.....adieu!!!
Current Mood: tired

29th October 2007


Today I took what is quite possibly the most insanely difficult midterm ever written by the hand of man.

...Or in my case, by the hand of evil professor woman.

Damn....it was the midterm for PNW Native American Art....I think I died sometime during the photo ID section and now my ghost is here in my room....typing.

I had 4 packets, each with about 35 slides....of various houses, statues, paintings, etc. For some reason, I thought we only had to know mostly what the object is and where it comes from, but we also had to know what its made of, what expedition collected it, what it was used for, and yadda yadda. LAME! 
OMG and then there was like a section with all these specific dates....dates that we came across once in some insignificant article we read weeks ago....

And then the 100 point essay section where we had to write about the ceremony two pictures represented. I got the first one, but I'm not sure if I got the second picture right. If I didn't die during the picture ID section, I died here.

At least I wasn't the only one...all the other poor souls around me groaned enough when the bell rang. This was the kind of test I don't think any amount of studying could prepare you for.

With any luck, my statistics midterm friday will go at least somewhat better.

For the time being, I'm occupying myself knitting scarves and drowning my sorrows in my patchouli scented black candle. Black like my soul.

Current Mood: squished.

23rd October 2007

10:27pm:  The last couple weeks for me have been a bit shakey academically. Partially out of laziness, partially out of alarm clock failure. On my art history quiz last week I did ok on the photo ID portion but on the essay question, worth most of the quiz, was to compare 2 of the films from class. One of them was shown during my day out with migraine. Shitty....

I'm also quite behind on learning my dozens and dozens of examples of Native American art....I can't believe how much stuff I need to learn before my midterm monday. There's so many crazy crazy names to remember.....Kwakwaka'wakw, Nuh-Chah-Nulth, Tsliglalal...good lord. I'm going to die. Die die die.

I've been realizing how much more I'd rather work than go to school. Not that work is always a barrel of monkeys either, but it's so much easier for me to try hard at work than at school. Though when I hear about some of my contemporaries getting D's and F's on midterms and having truancy problems, it makes me feel but a little better about my own habits. 

What a glorious October day it was today. I'm soaking up all the red foliage I can before there's nothing left but sticks. It is nice though. I love the seasons.

20th October 2007


I've been having way too many alarm clock problems this school year so far. 

What I do, is set my alarm for about 20 minutes before I actually have to get up. For some reason, this makes it a little easier to get up in the morning. But the problem is, if I say, set my alarm for 6:01 as I often do, I can't reset it for 6:21 until it becomes 6:02 or the alarm will keep going off. And by the time 6:02 rolls around, I've already fallen back asleep, and therefore never set my alarm, and so then miss the bus and indeed my first class.

So I guess, hard as it is, I can't do that anymore. I've missed stats way too many times already this year.

I also ended up missing anthro too friday because our electricity went out during the night because of the wind briefly and so my alarm really never went off. And it was a video day that we had to write about for credit. Goddamnit.

I started knitting the other day....I made a hat. It's not too bad....but then I tried to make a scarf and totally unfixably fucked it up after doing it for about 4 hours. That was lame....I got pissy and threw it across the room : )

12th October 2007


The other day I updated the playlists on my ipod. My newest playlist is a collection of songs from the 90s. You know, awesome stuff like Savage Garden, Alanis Morisette, Chumbawumba, and Barenaked Ladies. During my very long bus commute the next morning, I was listening to it. I started thinking about how great the 90s were. The 80s were great too, not that I remember much about pop culture at the time, I was preoccupied with drinking from my baba and playing with teething rings. And the 60s and 70s looked pretty great. I always thought it would have been ideal to be a kid in the 70s and a teenager in the 80s. Oh well, only a couple decades off.

I started thinking about the 00's (I'm not exactly sure how this decade will be referred to in the future). There's not a whole lot that's terribly memorable pop culture-wise about this decade. When I try to think about what they would include in a show like I love the 80's if they made an "I love the 00's", I can't come up with much. I suppose they would probably discuss boys who wear girl pants, 9/11, songs about shutting goddamn doors, bush-isms, and the harry potter movie series. Though that isnt enough to fill 10 hours of show. And it doesn't hold a candle to discussions from past decades, like stirrup pants, mullets, books like 'are you there god it's me margaret', beanie babies, and the amazing cornicopia of one hit wonders the 80s and 90s produced. 

Like I really miss 90s R&B. It was the best ever......Brian McKnight, TLC, Boyz 2 Men....loved it! Now R&B is like...bleh. Granted grunge may not of been the grandest of musical movements, but it towers above emo. And it came from seattle....bonus points.

It's just that I can't find much that's too charming about today's trends. Thongs hanging out of the back of girls low-rise pants, boys who wear more eyeliner and mascara than tammy faye baker, and constant songs about how everybodys life sucks. 

Even little things, maybe I'm imagining it, but even vhs players and cd players seem to have so much more modesty and character than dvd players and ipods do.

I'm not trying to be a pop culture snob. It's entirely possible that I'm just being fuddy duddy and I need to get with it. And maybe it's because I'm not in my super ultra impressionable stage anymore, that being the pre- and early teens. The music from middle school will always have a special place in my heart....between my left and right ventricles. Nsync...backstreet boys....otown....and much as i hate britney spears, hit me baby one more time will always be a closet favorite of mine. 

Anyways, that is all.

I miss the 90s!!

Current Mood: crazy

9th October 2007

7:08pm: Cue academic ranting session:

Screw you, ESS department!!

So back in the spring, during registration, I signed up for 2 classes that I needed for my degree, and one class that I just signed up for as a credit filler. This class was ESS 102. Space & Space Travel. It sounded interesting. From the course description, it was described as for "beginning science students and liberal arts students" and "no prerequisits required".  During the few first days of the class, the professor and t.a.s both emphasized that this was intended to be an enjoyable and relatively easy. 

And for the first couple days it was.

Until recently, this class has switched from happy diet astronomy class to hardcore physics....all of the sudden I'm supposed to be able to calculate the amount of photons hitting neptune versus earth, in joules, not power or intensity. That was something like our homework last night. Today the bumbling, nonsensical t.a. went over it, and 15 minutes and 30 equations later, somehow he got 40. And I have no idea how. Nor do I care. The online homework was chalked full of that crap too. Maybe that doesn't sound bad to some people, but for me, with 0 times 0 much physics training, I can't do it. Especially with as little guidance as they were giving. 

So, oh my god, avoid that class like the plague. Halfway through section today I just left....I came home and dropped the class. So unless I can find a schedule fitting class which I can go in on 2 weeks into class, I'm just taking 10 credits this quarter. Whatever.

It's not even a class I need. It was basically an elective. So I'm not going to kill myself for that. I'll just take elementary piano theory ; )   Whole note --->   O

/cut ranting session.
Current Mood: anxious

2nd October 2007

10:42pm: Im so tired these days. Since I started working I've been going pretty much nonstop. My first few weeks I've been working near every day. But now that school has started,  I had to ask my boss if I can reduce my hours, because it just wont work. On a typical day, I'd get up at 6:15 to catch the bus, then I'd get home at about 1:30 from school and have a couple hours to do whatever, and then by the time I'd get home from work I'd be way too tired to do anything. So he graciously obliged, and now I'm at 15 hours. Perf.

School is decent so far. Of course not a ton has happened yet. But I have 2 Australian profs, which is weird, and my stats t.a. is Indian and his accent is really hard to understand sometimes. But I hope that class will be decent. 

What spare time I do have I've been watching reruns of Clarissa Explains it All. I wish they'd come out with more seasons on dvd...but still it is fun to relive those good ol days.

I've been way too tired lately....leave me in a room with a blanket and a bit of spare time, and odds are good that situation will result in a nap. It's kind of that hibernation thing...once the weather starts to get colder, people have a tendancy to need a bit more sleep. Perfect now that I'm 10 times as busy as I was during the summer.

I hope everybody else's quarter is starting off splendidly. Is it just me or were there fewer booths out on the signup rampage this year? I remember last year the entire area outside the hub was pilfered by member hungry clubs. Last year I signed up for some voting thing and I got emails all year long that I never read. And they gave out free clif bars that sat in my cupboard for months.
Current Mood: sleepy

28th September 2007

11:53pm:  Game Rules: Pick your top 10 albums of all time. You know, the kind you can't live without. Post why, and then tag 5 other friends to do the same.


1.  38 Special: Flashback.  Amazing. The album that began my love affair with the band. Most nearly every track is great. I've listened to it thousands of times and gone through 3 copies already.

2. Michelle Branch: The Spirit Room. Honestly, I love every song on this CD. There's something about it that reminds me of Seattle. I seriously love Michelle Branch. It has somehow become my bus-ride-home-from-school music.

3.  Michael Buble: Self Titled. Another CD where every song rocks. Except Fever....something about that song gives me the creeps. But it's a great study cd. He's got one of the planets most incredible voices and he's hot as sin to boot.

4.  Nsync: Self Titled. Say what you will, but if I had to pick, this album would definitely be the soundtrack to my early teen years. Back when I actually liked Justin Timberlake.

5.  Primus: Sailing the Seas of Cheese. This album wins the all time award for being both incredible and extremely bizarre at the same time. Les Claypool is about the most amazing bass player of all time. My mom and my uncle got me hooked on them- granted there's a couple songs I dont usually listen too because theyre just too weird, but all in all still a great CD.

6.  Down to the Bone: Manhatten to Staten. As far as jazz goes, I love this album. It's another one my mom got me hooked on because of their innovative sounds and nice bass lines. Great background music.

7.  The Spindoctors: Pocket Full of Kryptonite. Rock of the vague hippie style...even though some of their lyrics are kind of weird and I hate the song about refrigerator cars, the rest of it is great. Hackie sacks not included.

8.  Modeste Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition (John Browning). I could include all kinds of classical music cds on here, but I think this is the one I love the greatest. I've been listening to this cd I think since I was an embreyo, and it was my inspiration to learn [parts] of the piece myself. Even though John Browning made some altercations to it, it works and i love it.

9.  Rush: Rush in Rio. It's really difficult to pick one Rush album, since theyre all good and there's tons and tons of them. But in general, I just love this group. My parents got me hooked on them too. I do believe they have become my #1 favorite all time group. I also love their new album, Snakes and Arrows.

10.  Matchbox 20: Yourself or Someone Like You. I don't know what it is about this CD, but it rocks. I put it into a genre I call "yuppie music", I guess for no other reason than whenever I listen to it, images of Bellevue and VWs pop into mind, and I can't explain it. Nevertheless, I like it.

There's so many more I could have included, but oh well. 

Music is good.

27th September 2007


So went another first day of school.

I began my commuting adventure, it wasnt too bad except for the fact that the bus ride ended up being an hour instead of the 45 minutes community transit.com promised, which put me at school just before 8:30. This made me one of the last people to my very crowded stats class and I had to sit in the back, straining to hear the relatively quiet english-accented professor. Now on mon, wed, and fri Im going to need to leave on an earlier bus, goddamnit. 

I got good feelings from my classes anyways. The stats doesnt seem too bad so far, which is definite thumbs up.

One of the best parts of the beginning of school are the masses of free bagels, energy drinks and odwallas on red square.


Gah, going from doing nothing all summer to having both school and work is rough. They've been scheduling me a whole lot since I started working, which isnt going to work out anymore, so tonight I left a note for the boss on his desk asking for absolutely no more than 20 hours a week. It would also be rad if I didnt have to work all weekend every weekend.

I need a break from shoes. I miss flip flops. I have blisters up the ying yang....it way hurts to walk. I have like 3 sore fingers too, for no reason. I turned 20 and now I'm falling to pieces.

25th September 2007

1:24am: bosom friends & kindred spirits

I super wish I would stop waking up every morning either depressed or panicked. The moment I wake up I'm either freaked out about the future or worrying about some event in my life...yesterday I was all worried over whether or not I had clocked out of work the night before.These days, the morning before I get up seems to be my worry time. In the past, night time before I fell asleep was my time of much ado. It's like completely involuntary, and it's getting old. And like livejournal piers of mine have also attested, I would like to live more in the now. Fucking future, it's pissing me off.

Anyways, my job is getting better now that I'm getting more comfortable with it. I've been working a lot though- which isnt really going to work out once school starts. For some reason, I'm still really uncomfortable asking people for their IDs. Which is why I usually don't unless they really look questionable. And usually they ante it up anyways. But selling cigarettes and beer is weird....for some reason I don't feel old enough to be allowed to do so.

I loves the new Antonio Banderas cologne....they have a sample of it at rite aid. Every time I pass it I have to smell it...sexay! But that is the antonio way, after all. 

So, I love flowers. I have a pot of chysanthamums in my room....but over the last few days they've been starting to wilt, and so I stuck it outside in the garden in the hopes that some sun will perk it up a bit. If not, I'll have to decorate my room with ivy and African violets for the winter. I know, interesting interesting.

I wish candle companies would become more adept at putting the wick in the center of the candle, so when it's burning it doesnt melt one side completely away and leave the other side all thick and chunky.

Gah, I love that the leaves are changing. This few weeks is one of the most beautiful times of the year. But it comes with a side of melancholy too....because it means soon all the non-evergreen vegetation will become dormant sticks for months and months. Better enjoy it while it lasts.

15th September 2007

6:46am: I just made my first 2 sales on half.com of old textbooks!! fun!! An old archaeology book and my old spanish book- I didnt think anybody would buy it because it comes as a whole bundle with workbooks and stuff but I used all that. Oh well. Im glad to get rid of it....it's frought with unhappy and miserable memories of spending my 2006 summer in 4 hour spanish classes.

So I'm employed again. I am the newest cashier at the Thomas Lake Rite Aid- woot. I've been applying for the last week- signing all kinds of papers and junk. I'm excited just because it's so close to home. I was told to call in yesterday and sign another paper, but then they called and were like "hey you wanna start today?". So I ended up working a 6 hour shift. It mostly went okay- but I really hate first days of anything. The weirdest thing to get used to is selling cigarettes and stuff....there's like 5 million different marlboro varieties alone. Since I know nothing about them...I grab like 4 packs before I get to the right one. 

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13th September 2007

1:24am:  I have 4 days to squeeze every last bit of teendom out of my life that i can. I really, really, really dont want to be 20. I keep telling myself 'age aint nothin but a number'. Maybe I'll believe it someday.

Its not so much that I love being a teenager. I just love being a kid.

And I dont want to be only 10 years away from my 30s. Yucky. 

Its so weird to think that by my age, my grandparents were married and pregnant with my uncle. My parents had been together for 5 years, and were only 4 years away from marriage and home ownership and 5 years away from having kids. Im SO not even close to being ready for all that mess it's dumbfounding. Christ, I'm still into disney movies and gel pens. Not that I dont have my select mature interests. I think I just take life a lot slower than most people.

Fuck this, Im going to Neverland.

10th September 2007

12:34am: So I have decided to copy Angeline's latest entry for lack of any interesting entry ideas of my own. Here's some things that make Sunday nights better. Or early monday mornings for that matter since its about 12:30 am right now. The past year I have become more enticed by the simple pleasures of life. For example. 

Fabreeze (or any kind of air freshener really) is a passion of mine. Particularly, the one that smells like linen. I went through several bottles of it at my apartment last year, spraying my room down like every 5 minutes and then I'd be in laundry haven. Amazing.

South Park. Regarded by many as mindless potty humor, South Park has recently skyrocketed to #1 on my list of favorite shows. For those who have given it a chance, they would know this is one of the most incredible moral, socially aware and intelligent shows on television. Plus, I love Ike.

Something happened to me this last year or two. I became an absolute minamalist. A clean freak. I have become conpelled to get rid of and clean out my room and indeed the rest of my house constantly. Somehow, it has become fun and I look for things to clean when these long sunday nights come about.

I dont care what anybody says....tofu is damn good. 

Red is my favorite color. Its definitely a pick me up. I like yellow and green too. But for some reason I always come back to red when I really need an old buddy.

I love, love, love, love, love monet. By far my favorite artist of ALL TIME. Something about his paintings are incredibly uplifting. Hes kick ass.

I love this stuff.

4th September 2007

11:24pm: RULES
1. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
2. Tag seven people to do the same.
3. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag whoever wants to do it.

1. Angry Driving: Though I am generally a very calm, go-with-the-flow, low key kind of person most of the time, I go crazy once I get behind the wheel. Bad drivers around me will get a colorful tongue lashing from me, even if it is from the inside of an essentially sound proof car.

2. Preschool television: Even though I am in the precipice of entering my third decade of life, I find general pleasure in tv geared towards wee tots. Some of its better than others, but I think one of the most soothing shows of all time is Little Bear. I also sometimes watch Dora and Franklin. Arthurs a given- but thats in a league all its own.

3. The Toy Section: Along the same lines is the toy section of any given store. There's something undeniably fun about reminiscing about old toys and checking out whats on the market these days. Maybe thats just me.

4. Candles: I have an iching affinity for candles. At any store, I feel the need to find the candle section and smell just about every candle they have.

5. Christmas presents: I love buying Christmas presents. I start planning for it months in advance. I already have a garbage sack full of potential presents under my bed. Rediculous really- I just think its fun.

6. Music: Im a bit old fogie when it comes to my music tastes. Though there is a slight bit of music from the 2000s that I like, the vast majority of my itunes comes from the 60s 70s and 80s. And some from the 90s- like boybands and the like.

7. Uncomfort factor: Whenever a really bad comedian comes on tv, or when theres a musician that thinks theyre really good but theyre not, or anything like that, I get so incredibly embarassed for them I usually have to leave the room. I get more uncomfortable for other people than I do for the stupid shit I do.

Though this breaks the third rule, I tag whoever wants to do it. : ) annnnd go.

1st September 2007

9:03pm: Disneyland, Death, & other alliterations
So we got home from California at about 11 last night. I could have stayed a few more days. At Disneyland anyways. Im not crazy about southern california. Sorry to anybody whos from there, but LA is a butt ugly city.

We went to Santa Monica and Hollywood the first day. We drove through Bell Air but all you can see are gates that lead to houses. We walked around on the pier for a while, and then in Hollywood walked along the Walk of Stars...I got my pic with Walt Disney's star, but we later lost the card that had the pictures from that day on it. We also went to the Kodiak theater where the Oscars are held....being in a building that Leo Dicaprio has also been in was....quite lovely.

Then we went to Disneyland for 3 days. My mom's cousin is in the Disneyland Band so he got us free parkhopper passes for 2 days, which was good for me because then I didnt have to have my mom remind me how expensive the entrance fee was all day long.

And we went to Universal Studios. Its fun, but theres not a whole lot to do there. We may omit it on our next trip.

Our last full day was spent driving to Burbank in 110 degree heat. I nearly died. I got tickets to the Tonight Show several months ago, so we went to see that, which was super awesome. I love Jay Leno and Kevin Eubanks!! And Mo Rocca was on, which was amazing. And the kids from Superbad, an animal expert, and then Wayco, some obscure band Ive never heard of. I must say the set is much smaller in person.

So it was a grand trip. I am somewhat in shock now that its September. Im not quite ready for fall yet.

So we found out today that my grandma's longtime boyfriend died thursday. It wasnt alltogether unexpected, he's been battling pancreatic cancer and a myriad of other problems for several years now. Since there was a consensus that he was basically dying, they took him off kidney dialysis about a week and a half ago, and when that happens, you dont have much longer.

Although it probably sounds terrible on the outside, we're not exactly heartbroken. We've been basically avoiding my grandma's for a while because he kind of is an expert at draging down the mood. He pretty much just sat there in his chair and stared at the tv whenever we went over for Hannukah or whatever. He liked my brother and I a lot more when we were babies but since then he's had little to do with us. So now that he's gone we'll probably be able to see my grandma more.
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18th August 2007

12:13am: I love Southpark.
Whooooooo summah.

Hawaii was awesome- flash downpours and frequent stops at the ABC store and pretty beaches OH MY.

Next friday we're going to Cali---Im trying to convince my parents to go to Disneyland as much as possible because frankly, Disney is my <3.

Perhaps one of the most entertaining parts of any trip is exploring Sky Mall magazine....the grandest collection of bizarre potential purchases ever. Maybe its the thinner air at 35,000 feet that makes people think they need this stuff.

Like the gigantic wall map for your house....that's one of the mainstays thats always in that magazine. I dont really know anyone who has the room nor the need for a map where brazil is the same size as your 5 year old. Nothing wrong with a good old fashioned atlas.

Or a ass-looking bike you can fold up and put in your backpack? It's ugly as sin.

Or a replica of Hermione's wand? Unless I can perform "wengardium leviosas" with it, I dont care.

Or a sumo wrestler statue with a glass circle on top that I guess is a table? Also ugly as sin.

Or felt roses dipped in gold colored sparkles?

Its all very crappy.


Dear retail giants of America:

Please refrain from putting out all your Halloween and even some Christmas decorations in August. Nobody's buying Halloween candy now. That's retarded.

Sincerely, Lana.


9th August 2007

10:40pm: I think everybody needs to use livejournal more, including me.

7th August 2007

7:33pm: My Very Epic Photo Essay.....
So I decided to create a kind of photo essay of my life thus far....mostly of pictures of houses and schools and stuff. So today I started taking pictures....which was rather difficult seeing as I was taking pictures of people's houses and playgrounds, which has an off-the-scales creepy factor. What was 3 times as annoying is that I went during rush hour, so there were tons of cars driving by which I didnt want.....because what I was doing looked weird. Nonetheless, I got a bunch of pictures from my old neighborhood, Woodside Elementary, Silver Firs Elementary and Gateway Middle School. I still have more to do, but anyways. This probably wont be that interesting to anybody. Feel free to ignore.

My Old NeighborhoodCollapse )

Woodside ElementaryCollapse )

Silver Firs ElementaryCollapse )

Gateway Middle SchoolCollapse )

Thats what I have so far.....

In other news, 710 KIRO ripped out my organs and shredded them today when I discovered Ron Reagan Jr is no longer a host on the station! And they gave no explanation! He was the all-time best radio talk show host! EVER!! Now Dori Monson has moved up an hour....who's the biggest sourpuss self righteous boob on the radio.....bah!!!

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