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Graduation and all that jazz   
11:36pm 12/06/2009
mood: tired
So graduation is tomorrow. I had originally decided I wasn't going to go because I am SOOO not into ceremonies...of ANY kind....graduations, weddings, funerals, etc etc. But I changed my mind because, I dunno, I don't have anything else going on and it would make for some good pictures (hopefully) and things to put in a scrapbook.

Tonight was the departmental graduation. I waxed and waned over whether or not to go to this one until 11pm last night, since oddly enough it happened to be at 3pm on a friday, which was problematic for a few reasons: 1) my mom wanted to go, but then she would have to get off work early, 2) just attempting to get to Seattle at that time of day is a daring feat in its own right, and 3) the area around 45th is the worst place on Earth during rush hour on a Friday. If you've experienced it, you know what I mean. We decided to go, since nobody's coming to my real graduation except my uncle, since my brother's high school graduation happens at precisely the same time. Aside from paying $12 for parking (those motherfuckers raised it ANOTHER dollar), it all went pretty well. I didn't know really what to expect. The anth department is relatively small but was enough to pack a modestly big Kane lecture hall. There were a couple speakers and then we got little certificates. It was our only chance to actually be called by name since at the big graduation the undergrads just walk across the stage en masse. Afterwards there were some cookies and purple and yellow cupcakes outside in the overly crowded hall, and when my mom gave me her cupcake on a plate so she could go to the bathroom, along with the cupcake I was already holding, plus my bag and all the papers I was holding, the yellow cupcake toppled over and I got bright yellow frosting all over my gown, my watch and my hands. It also got all over my program. It took some scrubbing once we got home to get the crusty frosting off that thing. My mom also didn't know how to work my camera so the only pictures I have of the event are a few pics of blurry color. Oh well.

I thought it was kind of weird I didn't recognize a single person from any of my classes that was there. A couple of my former professors were there, my prof from US Pacific Island Cultures 2 years ago actually remembered me, I was kind of surprised. My Buddhism professor was there, whose class I attended 2 times because he was so fucking boring, I just turned in the 2 papers that were the only class requirements. But I just hope he didn't remember me, I felt kind of bad.

Tomorrow's going to be epic and long and tiring. Oy vey.