Lana (squirrelsarerad) wrote,

Ever since I got back from Europe in January my life has been dedicated to job searching. And so far, it's been with zero success. I haven't even gotten an interview yet. It's really a lot of fun to graduate college at about the worst time ever. I've applied to dozens of jobs so far and haven't from anybody. Since when am I not qualified enough to make copies and deliver mail? Of course, considering people with 20 years experience and masters degrees have been applying to my grandma's friend's bookstore, I can't feel too bad. It also seems like most of the jobs available are for people with years of experience and for really high ranking positions. Entry level please!!

Even though I can't find a job, in no way do I regret quitting my old job in October. What a misery. I'm lucky because I don't have any bills or anything and I have plenty of money. But it's still annoying. I have nothing to do right now. Sigh.

Im watching American Idol right now. Love it. WOW I am so in love with Adam Lambert....
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