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Please excuse me while I RANT for a minute.....

Watching the oscars today was interesting. Usually I dont hardly watch any of them except for the last couple categories. But today I watched most of it. Slumdog Millionaire was the big winner, I'll probably check it out sometime to see what the big deal is. But I was sooo happy that Kate Winslet finally won an Oscar. I don't usually get overly interested in celebrities, but I just love her.

But watching the Barbara Walters special afterwards totally pissed me off. WHY WERE THE JONAS BROTHERS ONE OF THE GUESTS??? THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING FILM RELATED!!!!
Stop going for ratings, and keep it earnest, please!! FINALLY I thought we were going to have a television event that didn't involve miley cyrus or the jonas brothers in some way, but apparently not!

I can't possibly imagine why they are so popular. They are incredibly not hot. And they aren't great singers. And their songs aren't good. I don't get it.

I feel so bad for teenyboppers these days. They have nobody quality to lust after! If only they were born a few years earlier.

They have the horrible Jonas Brothers. We had Justin Timberlake before he got fugly. We had Lance before he came out. We had Christian Burns before he went emo. We had Ste McNally before he was reduced to trying out for talent shows. We had Nick Carter before he became a reality show trainwreck. We had the whole Backstreet Boy gang during their peak glory days. We even had hot mariners like Dan Wilson and Alex Rodriguez before he became a Ranger money-grubbing ass!

sigh. end rant.

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