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Serious whining alert!!

I have had an amazing string of bad luck lately. My car broke, the charge cord for my laptop broke, I had to buy a new one, my 2nd pair of headphones in a month broke, I had to buy new ones, my t.v. doesnt come in anymore, my cd player no longer reliably picks up am radio, we can't redeem the frequent flier miles for our trip to Florida because Alaska Airlines decided to charge twice the miles for that particular day, and no other day, for no reason at all, now the European tour I signed up for has been cancelled from the website, and I have no idea if that means the entire tour has been cancelled or what, I have a canker sore, I jabbed the underside of my fingernail at work today and it hurts like a biznatch, and on top of it, I loaded Vista Ultimate on my laptop a few days ago, unaware of the fact that it's waaaayyyyyy to big for my computer and once you load it, you can't remove it without sifting through millions of troubleshooting pages of garbledygook that I can't understand. Fucking Microsoft. And apparently my hands are now made out of butter, because everything I ever try to pick up I somehow drop. Like oh my god, universe! I think it's time to move on to somebody else now.

Not to mention, Seattle sports teams seem to be having a similar kind of luck. Like Seahawks?? Huskies?? Comefuckingon.

/cut whining session.
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