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Okay, so I guess it's about time for my once-ever-couple-months lj updates. Even though I check my friends page at least once a day, I rarely find the time and patience to actually post an update.  I couldn't even count the number of times I've started to write one and then deleted it immediately because I lost interest.


A couple days ago was the beginnning of fall. I always forget at the end of summer how truly awesome fall is. I'm always devestated when summer ends, but hey, autumn's pretty sweet too. I got a bottle of "pumpkin harvest & fall" scented fabreeze the other day, and spray it in my room every so often to make my room smell like a pumpkin pie. It's pretty rad. Summer was great....god I love college summers. Practically 4 months long, I get out weeks before my brother and go back weeks after him. For our last shebang my mom and I went to Vegas for 4 days, which was way fun. It's my third time going, but my first time actually being able to participate in the "sin" of "sin city".  We got a package deal through Expedia and picked one of the smaller places on Fremont Street (for those of not so familiar with Vegas, it's the street with the more original hotels a few miles up Las Vegas Blvd from the Strip. Our first room was pretty much the worst hotel room I've ever been in. If I ever get the gumption, I may post pictures of it, but lets just say the floor was dirty and peppered with cigarette burns, the windows were super filthy, the paint on all the ugly tables was peeling, and to top it off, there was no tv remote! Like oh no they didn't. So eventually we got our room moved to the new tower which was much better, we even had a view of the Fremont Street Experience. Basically we spent the trip doing some gambling (the slots were tight as shit, neither of us won anything), and did a bunch of touring through the hotels on the strip. Lots of walking. Our transportation was a double decker bus, which at first was super cool, but was so crowded and slow that it would take over an hour just to get from fremont  to the strip, which we were jammed in the doorway. Lame. The only alcohol I've had since the big 21 was I got a free something-or-other bay breeze drink at Binion's Horseshoe, but after half of it I started to feel a little weird so I threw the rest away. It was rum and cranberry juice or something. Good, but strong. We ended up seeing American Superstars at the Stratosphere, which was awesome! We were in the very front. I ended up with a really weird crush on the Rod Stewart impersonator. Yeah, I dont know either.

It was a fun trip. But now it's back to school, today was the first day. Actually, it was my last first day of school ever! Weird! (that is of course unless I decide to go to grad school sometime in the future or I fuck this quarter up somehow and have to go again). It was rather uneventful. I enjoy watching freshman wander around with their maps. I'm pretty much the only senior in my entire music class. But I'm hoping it will be a decent quarter? I doubt it will be too hard, at least not as bad as last year.

I'm pretty much planning to quit my job soon, probably in mid October. I just cant stand it anymore. Hours have been way cut back lately, which I don't mind, because it means less Wrong Aid(haha) for me. It's hard, because I have a rather expensive event coming up in January with my trip to Europe. I'm estimating it'll cost around $1,500 more on top of the $2,200 I've already paid, factoring in the excursions, dining, souvineers, and whatever else I need to buy over there. Considering the pound sterling is worth nearly twice the dollar and the Euro is like 150% the value or something, it's not going to be cheap. But i'll be worth it. I figure if worst comes to worst, I can borrow some money from savings. But sweet damnit, I can't wait. Anyways, I would kill myself if I had to stay at my job for the holidays, and I figure I'm doing them a favor by quitting early and giving them time to find somebody for the holiday shifts. My boss is a royal asswipe, and most of the other employees are big dudballs. There's only a couple people there I can have a normal conversation with. Besides, customers are suprisingly asshole-y. Some are nice of course, but the bad ones overshadow them and I'm tired of it.

My car also called it quits on me about a month ago. So after hundreds of dollars and hours and hours of my dad's time trying to fix it, the concensus is that it is in car heaven now, and so my dad's stripping it of the radio, speakers, and other doodads and we're either going to try to sell it or donate for the write-off. Since my dad works at an auto body shop, he's on the lookout for a total that he can buy cheap and fix, but if that doesnt happen I'm going to have to buy one and establish credit, which wouldnt be such a bad thing, but getting a car loan right now won't be easy. Thanks Bush, you're economy is super cool.

SPEAKING of politics, OMG Sarah Palin. You know, before she was chosen, I wouldn't have been completely devestated if McCain won, bummed, but my world wouldn't have come crashing down. I think he's a pretty decent guy, whether I agree with his policies or not. BUT now I probably will be devestated if they win, because of her. I am still at a loss for why he chose her. She comes off as completely crazy to me. She really couldn't be any different from me on her opinions, from roe vs. wade, stem cell research, drilling, omg any of it. And don't even get me started about her attitudes towards animals. From her apparent love of caribou hunting, shooting wolves, ANWR drilling and her lawsuit over polar bears and beluga whales, she more or less just makes me ill. And the icing on the cake would be if she confirmed that she thinks dinosaurs were on the earth 4,000 years ago. Don't get me wrong, I dont have anything against believing in Creationism if that's what your in to, but that would be a serious red flag in my book. Oh my. Election day shall be muy interesante. I'm kind of torn between being really interested in it and being really ready for it to be over. 
Okay, so I think I'm out of things to talk about now. Later sk8ter! =)
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