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 The length of time between my LJ entries has become increasingly longer. But here goes nothing:

Mostly my summer has revolved around my work schedule. While I said I wanted to work around 25 hours because frankly, I dont really like it there, they have repeatedly given me 37 hour weeks. I'm seriously getting sick of that stupid place, most of the other people that work there are kind of lame and don't seem to care about anything other than Rite Aid, it kind of weirds me out. And I've gotten a little fed up with my boss.  So instead of working through the end of the year I've decided to quit at the end of October, because I could not make it through another holiday season at that place, I'd actually have to kill myself. 

I've been watching tons of Olympics lately, mostly swimming and gymnastics as usual. And especially the Michael Phelps races. He's been added to the extensive yet discriminating list of "Potential Mr. Lana Schlossbergs". His body is tres yummy. 

We went to Victoria last weekend which was fun, we did all the touristy stuff, the wax museum (which is so weirdly interesting to me), and royal B.C. museum, but I was pissed the took out the submarine ride, the Empress Hotel and looked at all the shops selling crap worth upwards of $50,000, and hung out by the beach. Next weekend we're going camping, and then in a month, VEGAS BABY!

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