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Emo for a day


ripping me from the insides like from the movie Alien

No sunshine in my life
         Just darkness all day long.
         As if living at the North Pole

         But without Santa Claus.

My life is a vacuum of happiness.

Empty. Black. Really, really empty.
       Like the space between galaxies.
       Where nothing exists but dark matter.

       My soul is a black hole
       Sucking the energy from the universe.

I feel like the gum on the bottom of your shoe
                 the scum on your sink
                 the flat pop in your can.
Everything sucks.
Except black coffee
             black cats
             black crayons
             black turtlenecks
             and pants made for little girls.

I want to suck the happiness from your life.
So we can all die in pity and sorrow.

Black. Pain. DEATH.

- My best attempt at disjointed, obscure, ever-happy emo poetry.               




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