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God, is the quarter over yet? I have so much crap to do before summer---several paper to do, way too much reading, and hours upon hours upon hours worth of studying for finals. I really hope fall quarter is better.

But OMG. The final of American Idol was tonight, and the new love of my life won....david cooooook damn. Not that it matters, once youre in the top 2 you pretty much garuntee a recording contract. But man oh man....loves it. <--------Basically his greatest performance ever. Dreamy.

His Billie Jean and Eleanor Rigby performances were super swoon-worthy too. Man, all of my teenybopper-ness has returned, having been MIA since the backstreet boy days. I love my Cookie ^_^

Okay....back to working on my stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid AIS paper. Toodles.

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