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 So basically, I'm really sick of school.

Theres about 3-4 weeks left. But I'm basically ready to be done now. I mean my history of jazz class isn't that bad, It's actually pretty good. My AIS class is also pretty good- the classes are pretty boring because the prof just kind of rambles for 2 hours, but the class is set up pretty well nonetheless.

But I really hate european history. While its one of my favorite subjects outside school, the class sucks. The professor kind of rambles and it's nearly impossible to take coherant notes, my t.a. is insane and there's way more reading than i bargained for. I'm basically expecting a super shitty grade in that class cause I've kind of stopped trying. I hope my other classes make up for it. 

On the up and ups, it was extrodinarily nice today. I got sunburned while napping on the hill at gasworks park. It was lovely.

And american idol is down to the 2 davids...basically as i predicted several weeks ago. I really hope david cook wins. david archuleta has a great voice but he's getting boring, he always sings the same kind of ballad songs, and he doesnt have quite the stage presence david c does. Plus david c is sexaaaay. Mmmm. Gimme.

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