Lana (squirrelsarerad) wrote,

 I wonder how many people actually read this?

I've noticed livejournal usage slowing waning over the years, but I guess with the over-abundance of day to day updates everybody gets about eachother on facebook and such it can be expected. And not that anybody cares about what I have to say here. Not that I have anything imparticular to say. Watch me babble.

Well a new quarter is upon us. It's the third week tomorrow already. It's decent I guess. I do really like my history of jazz class. It's cool- something a little different from the standard class. I'm still trying to figure out whether or not my instructor is gay....he doesn't come off as it per se, but there's little his pink ipod and the fact that he called Duran Duran a group of "very handsome men" the other day. Not that it matters. It's just a fun mental game to pass the time. Then I'm in Modern European History. The material itself is interesting, but the professor kind of jumps around weirdly and makes it incredibly hard to take notes, and given that there aren't really slides or anything its even harder. Like he'll be talking about England and then all the sudden he's talking about Russia....its like what the fuck?!  And there's massive reading. Like's basically an English class. I have five days to read Frankenstein, which may not sound like much, but to a non-pleasure reader like me it's kind of torture. Even the 2 hours worth of bus rides I have each day wont cover that. Helloooooo! (My high school English savior) Random side note: In Mrs Powers class at Cascade I printed out a bunch of pages of classicnotes about cry the beloved country, and on the day of the test me and somebody else (I can't remember who) were reading it and she basically looked right at us and we didn't get in trouble. Hah, awesome class.
Then I'm also in Native American Families. YAY last anthropology class requirement! It's hard to tell how awesome or lame this class is going to be, because so far we've only had 1 class. One was cancelled cause she was sick, one was cancelled for a conference, and the first day was just a syllabus read-over.

I should actually be doing homework right now. But I'm so damn tired. I haven't had a sunday off in 4 months....*dies* But oh, yesterday was AWESOME. It was like summer.....but now we're back to typical April. Oh well. It was nice while it lasted.
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