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Long Time No See

Wow....I haven't updated in about 300 eons plus a day or two. Mostly because there's not a whole lot to update about....but lets see what I can drum up.

Basically it's just been school. I thought this quarter wouldn't be too bad....but it is kind of. Granted it's about 300 times better because no math is involved, but still. I thought psych 101 wouldn't be too bad, but because the entire grade is based on the 4 exams and they're actually pretty trickey, it's a bit difficult. But the material can be quite interesting, which helps. 

Linguistic anth actually turned out to be a little harder than I expected too. Nowadays it's half language politics in Ukraine and half nitty gritty linguistic bullshit. Like the phonetic spelling of words or whatever. Which is really hard. I'm a little worried about the final on monday (a final on monday at 8:30....that can't get much worse). But hopefully I did okay on the final paper, where I wrote about the word "bitch", which was interesting.

And human rights law isn't hard in the work sense, but it's hard in the thinking sense. It's so based on group discussion and because my class is comprised of the entire"college-y intellectual bush-hating idealistic liberal of liberals" population of the school, it makes for some interesting discussion. But being the wallflower that I am, I don't participate much.  All that's left now is the final paper, which looks really hard and I'm totally dredding it.

I'm actually really looking forward to the end of this quarter. And am looking forward to a whole week of no school whatsoever. It shall be GRAND. I've been in the registration process for spring quarter for a while now and I'm not sure I'm done yet. It's tough when you're trying to form a schedule around a work schedule and a class you have to take.

But on the bright side, my mom's going to take me to vegas for my 21st birthday, which rocks. It'll be nice to not be kicked off the "carpeted area" in every casino we go to. 

Now I have to worry about buying books- good lord. Money money money.

Speaking of money, I have to work all freaking weekend, which is not great considering all the prep work I have to do for school next week. And the whole time I'm working with the manager, which pretty much increases the pressure ten fold.

So I've been really into American Idol this year. Pretty much everybody in the top 11 now is really good. And I've recently become probaboly unhealthfully obsessed with David he's amazing. Basically the new love of my life. <3 <3 <3 His rendition of "hello" was....dare I say dreamy.
I also really like Carly Smithson, she's probably my favorite girl.
But Kristie Lee Cook's "eight days a week" performance made me throw up into my mouth just a little bit.

Okay well hopefully I'll update more often- maybe on spring break, which will be my first decent break since before fall quarter started. Adios amigos!
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