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Things I WILL do before I die....unless I die tomorrow. Then I wont do these things.

 During my current AIM discussion with ms. cheesypuffkins, I was inspired to virtually write down my "things I must see before I die" list.  Here goes nothing.

~Visit England. This is pretty much my #1 lifetime goal. I've wanted to go ever since I watched Mary Poppins every day after first grade. Plus, it's the land of my ancestors. I come from English Quakers. Holla, oatmeal box guy.
         ~While in England, I have to see Shakespeare's pad, ride the Eye of London, take a picture with a palace guard, and as much as I don't like tea, I WILL have tea while in England.

~Visit Italy. Granted I want to visit basically every country in Europe. But Italy is definitely my #2. 
          ~While in Italy, I MUST eat spaghetti at least once, throw a Euro into the Trevi fountain, see the Sistine Chapel, and check out the statue of David. Oh, and take a stroll through Tivoli gardens.

And on the rest of my world tour.....

~Buy Christmas decorations in Germany. Because the Germans know how to make Christmas decorations, for whatever reason. Also, while in Germany, I will drink beer. Even though I don't like it. While in Rome, do as the Romans do, right?

~Norway. I will order a lutefisk and not eat it, because it's the Norwegian thing. I just want to see what it looks like, and maybe poke at it a little. And then get my picture taken with it. And then give it to a homeless Swede.

~In Switzerland, I'll check out an awesome ski resort. Except I'll just go innertubing or hang out at the top, since I don't ski. The one time I tried skiing I started crying because I couldn't stop falling on my ass. I ended up just taking my skies off and walking back up to the top : )

~In France, I'll battle the massive crowds just to see the Mona Lisa at the Louvre. Because it would be worth it. I would also buy a baguette and some cheese and have a little picnic in front of the Eiffle Tower. 

~In Egypt, I'll see the pyramids. And maybe ride a camel. But that's about it. Then I'm leaving.

~In South Africa or East Africa, I'm gonna take a safari and hopefully not die from either hippo attack or malaria.

~In Japan, I'll get fish-less sushi and buy some hello kitty stuff, regardless of the fact that you can it it here.

~In New York City, I will spend at least one New Year's Eve in Times Square, regardless of the fact that everybody says it's not worth it. I'll also visit Hello Deli with Rupert G. of Late Show fame, go to the top of the empire state building and pretend I'm on Sleepless in Seattle, and stand around in front of the statue of liberty. And if I'm rich enough, I'll take in a Broadway Show.

That's pretty much it for my MUST SEE list.  Of course, there's other things I want to see. But I'll get to that later. 

As far as other things I want to do that are a bit simpler and budget friendly....

~Rent a paddle boat on Green Lake. This summer, damnit!

~Find a good, grassy hill, and roll down it. Because that was damn fun. Preferably not a hill where there's a lot of people around to watch me be stupid.

~Find a tire swing and find out if I still have my hardy dizzy tolerance like I used to.

~Play softball again sometime. I miss it. 

~Become a more informed gardener. I'm working on it. But I'm way in the novice zone. 

~White water raft again. What fun that was!   : D

~Sleep outside one night. In the summer obviously. Without a tent. 

Okay, that's all I can think of for now. But that's probably enough........Adieu!

BTW....the song I'm listening to right now is about the best ever. Michael <3   my Canadian hottie.
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