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So it's the first day of school....lame. I was totally not ready to go back this time around. But my first class seemed okay. But we got out early- it's supposed to be an 80 minute class but we were only there 20 minutes and I have way too much free time until my 10:30 class. I can only check my uw email and stare at facebook updates so long. 

It snowed this morning-yay : )   But it only ever snows when I'm at work or school. Boo.

The rest of my neighbors took down their Christmas lights yesterday. And with it, they took down a little piece of my soul too.
               p.s. I still have christmas music on my ipod and listened to it on the bus this morning. And I downloaded the Grinch (the animated version), A charlie brown christmas and great pumpkin charlie brown on my computer to keep them with me always ^_^  Hello. My name is Lana. And I'm a geek.

Sorry, I have really really lame updates. Theyre much more interesting as I write them in my head throughout the day but I'm just too lazy to put them down on e-paper.

OMG seahawks kicked redskin ass. Booyah lookout Green Bay!

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